Animation is all about creating a chain of images or drawings used in a way of a simulation procedure for creating movement. It is a type of optical illusion by which we will be able to see still images moving. The process displays still images or photographs one after the other at the rate of 24 images per second.

3 D animation is the process of creating three dimensional moving images in a digital form. In this process  objects are carried out within 3D software tools for exporting picture sequences giving them the illusion of movement.

Animating objects which appear in three dimensional space. They may  be rotated and moved as of real objects. 3D animation can be seen at the heart of virtual reality and games. It is also used in presentation graphics to add flair to the visuals.

Uses of 3D animation

If you have been paying attention, you can noticed that 3D animation seems to be used more common., Television Ads, movies  and Websites are all using 3D animation for a various reasons. to alter existing scenes and to animate those things that would not otherwise be possible, and sometimes to design completely imaginative scenes from start, backgrounds and all. But this is not limited to one industry. the cinema industry is not only one that is relying on 3D animation. There are a lot of other uses of 3D animation being seen in video production today.

Below are Uses of 3D animation

Logo Designing

When a new business is started, logo is the very first thing. Designing logo has become very easy job with the help of 3D animation. logo designing is the one of the common use of 3D animation. A logo can be designed and modified very easily with the help of 3D animation.

Character Animation for Movies ,Commercials and TV

cartoon characters are used widely in various industries. It is also used in making effective commercials advertisement. 3D animation is extensively used to demonstrate and generate cartoon characters.


It will be a difficult task to find an industry where animation is as widely used as in the game industry. It is the industry where everything depends on animation as all 3D characters for games are designed with animations. Everything in a game is created and molded with 3D animation.  


3D animation has extremely changed the marketing mechanism of the engineering and architect industry. Rather than drafting in pen and paper or in a 2D drafting program, A lot of architects are using 3D animation in their architect designing. 3D animation gives an architect the ability to experience their buildings and structures as though they have already been built.

Educational Medical Animation or movies

The medical education uses. 2D drawings and images have a difficult  time delivering information about a 3D body. Though 3D models have been used in the past years, they were not animated and cannot react the way that real organs or real tissue could. In 3D animation now it is easier to demonstrate everything in medical education. And it is widely used in this profession.

Animated Movies

Animated movies are extensively used like other movies. They are very interactive. All these movies are best example of 3D animation. the animation movies are designed in 3D.

Software Used for 3D Animation


Maya is a 3D computer graphics that is widely used to design different kinds of animation. Maya 3D animation application provides creative feature set for 3D simulation, modeling, rendering, animation and compositing on various production platform. Maya has next generation display technology.


Flash is another software application that is commonly used in 3D animation. It is easy to Create Realistic 3D Animation in Flash software. Flash is used to create powerful 3D animation and games.


Vyond is an animation software which allows your business to easily design  professional animated videos for all industries in job roles like training, eLearning and marketing. Vyond is changing the way the world communicates.

After Effects

After Effects is a software by Adobe. This is one of the most essential software program in 3D animation. After Effects have made it possible for everyone to learn how to incorporate 3D animation into their work. After effects made it possible to create custom text animations from scratch.

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